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How to Use Website Metrics to Drive Conversions With Google Analytics

Use your website to its full potential – pay attention to your website metrics

If you’re just starting out with your business, or if you just got a brand new website, you may be wondering which metrics you should track and what is the best method for tracking how well your website is doing. Especially if you’re relying on SEO and organic traffic for your leads and conversions, metrics matter, and you should be on top of them on the regular if you want to make the most of your investment in a top-notch website. 

A deep dive into Google Analytics provides a quick overview of the most popular pages and sections of a website. It breaks down each page on your site and tracks the total number of page views, unique page views and average time to enter, bounce rate and exit. You can also track sales goals and page value as well as page value.

Here is an overview of the metrics you’ll see throughout Google Analytics and what they mean in regards to user activity on your website.

#1: Organic Search

When you’re not paying for paid search ads or looking to save money on ads, organic traffic tracking is a must. These numbers tell you how many people are visiting your website when they do an organic search. As mentioned above, traffic itself is a key metric for measuring the performance and growth of your website content, but organic traffic also has a great connection to your SEO efforts so it is worth watching closely how the two work together.

#2: Top Page Title by Users

If you have different types of content on your website, the “top page title by users” metric can help you identify the most successful types of content for your website and shift your content production in this direction. Your top pages and recommendation visitor results can be analyzed and compared with your traffic sources, and they can provide you with the information you need to know which pages attract visitors because of recommendation visitors.

#3: New Users by User Medium

The “new users by user medium metric” helps you track where your “new users”–or new website visitors–are coming from. This is important to track if you are creating content that is being shared elsewhere, i.e. YouTube, social media, etc. It can also tell you if your organic search traffic is your main source of new users, which will let you know if your SEO efforts are paying off.

#4: User Engagement

The “user engagement” Google Analytics metric lets you know how many times a user interacts with your site. If you notice that you have more users than “events” in your report, you know something is wrong with your website and users are leaving the site as soon as they enter or not finding the subject matter interesting at all. This same metric can tell you if your content is generating a lot of interaction. It’s a very powerful metric to track.

#5: Conversions

This metric requires a little bit of setup, but once you start tracking conversions, you’ll never want to go back. If you are using a conversion optimized website to capture leads, this is your #1 metric to track, and you’ll want to really dig into the “why” behind the numbers. Pay attention to the pages that are driving the most conversions, as well as the dates that are getting the most activity.

#6: Retention & Returning Users

It may be tempting to ignore this metric if your focus is capturing leads, but don’t pass over this chance to pay attention to the things you’re doing that are working. Returning users are a key indicator of your business’s health, and if you only track conversions and don’t try to keep the attention of your existing customers, it can be a quicksand underneath your business’s foundation. Make sure you’re not hemorrhaging existing users as you work to gain new users. You want to grow as a business, not stay stagnant.

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